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Un Cocktail de mariage sous le soleil et la bonne ambiance

The B-Sides à animer ce week-end le cocktail de mariage Maxime et Alyson à Guérande sous le soleil et devant une centaine de personnes.

Au programme des nouveaux morceaux et de la bonne humeur !

Un petit coup d'oeuil sur la set liste du jour.

1 She Loves You

2 I Want to hold your hand

3 From me to you

4 I Saw her standing there

5 Please Please me

6 All my loving

7 A Hard Day’s Night

8 Can’t buy me love

9 Tell me Why

10 You can’t do that

11 Eight days a Week

12 Help!

13 The Night Before

14 Drive my car

15 If I Needed someone

16 Nowhere Man

17 Norwegian wood

18 Wait

19 We can work it out

20 Day tripper

21 Taxman

22 She Said She Said

23 With a little help from my friends

24 Getting better

25 You mother should know

26 Ob bla di Ob bla da

27 Back in the USSR

28 Hey Bulldog

29 The Ballad of John and yoko

30 One after 909

31 Get Back

32 Don’t let me down

33 I Me Mine

34 Come Together

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